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The Shirtyman Challenge #7

Hello and welcome back to ‘The Shirtyman Challenge’. If you have missed any of the previous posts in this series you can find them here. Congratulations to France for retaining their World Cup title over the international break. Now we’re back to club football though and hoping that the month long break hasn’t disruptedContinue reading “The Shirtyman Challenge #7”

The Shirtyman Challenge #6

Hello and welcome back to ‘The Shirtyman Challenge’. If you have missed any of the previous posts in this series you can find them here. It’s time to put the opening day loss behind us and dive into the thick of the league season. We have games come thick and fast through ’till October,Continue reading “The Shirtyman Challenge #6”


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Hello and welcome to Norman Proctor FM, where I finally have a space to share all the goings on in my world of Football Manager. There are 2 things you should know about me: I do not like long drawn-out introductions and I’m a hypocrite.

It was a combination of the boredom that came from a third National lockdown and a love of all things football and Football Manager that led to me to trying my hand at FM blogging.

Creating some sort of Football Manager content had long intrigued me, and I did have a short-lived attempt at Twitch streaming back in 2016. After two streams each lasting a couple of hours with the viewer count rarely making it above 0, my flatmate kindly tuned in for stream number three. 5 minutes later he entered my room to tell me I had set my microphone up wrong as there was no sound.

Many years of ‘thinking’ about trying again have passed and I have finally given it another go. I know my way around Google Docs and a keyboard much more than I do a microphone and a stream deck, which is why you are reading and not listening to and watching this.

One thing about how I tend to play the game, I do not use downloaded tactics. I would much rather be relegated kicking and screaming playing my way or finish mid-table after a humiliating collapse than walk a league because I am using a tactic somebody else has tested. Nothing against the people that want to play like this however it is just not for me. The same goes for not dowloading set-piece routines. I may customise my own freekicks to make sure the tallest players are in the box and not lumbering around the half-way line. But if you want to read about someone scoring all their goals from a pre-designed and tested long throw, which the opposition keeper drops to the striker in the box, this is definitely the wrong blog for you!

Anyway, enough rambling I hope you enjoy my Football Manager stories!

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